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Judo is a fun sport enjoyed by males and females of all ages.  Judo teaches many things including self-discipline, respect for oneself and others, self-confidence, concentration, leadership skills, physical coordination, power and flexibility.  Judo evolved from a fighting art that empowers people to develop complete body control, fine balance and fast reflexive action.  Even disabled persons are able to learn and develop Judo skills.  Judo evolved from the fighting system of Feudal Japan and has been refined to what we have present day.  Since being introduced into the Olympic Games in 1964, Judo is now practiced by millions of people throughout the world.

In Judo classes taught at MadHouse Gym you will learn the following:

  • Throwing techniques
  • Special Grappling techniques
  • Specialized “Pins” (pinning techniques)
  • Control Holds
  • Arm Locks
  • Judo Choking techniques

Judo emphasizes safety and full activity for top conditioning.  You will learn and practice on special mats for comfort and safety.

Judo is translated “gentle way” meaning it teaches the principle of flexibility or efficient use of balance, leverage and movement in the throws and other skills.  Skill, techniques and timing are the key to Judo rather than using brute strength.  In Judo….you may learn to “give way” rather than use force to overcome the stronger opponent.  The principles such as … Maximum Efficiency and Mutual Welfare and Benefit…learned in Judo can be used in all our dealings in life.  Judo’s ultimate goal is optimal personal development, constant striving for perfection, and contributing something to the world in which we live.


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